frequently asked questions

about mingle dao

Dating apps suck. Making friends are easy but keeping them are hard.

πŸ₯… what's your mission? Minglers want a better way to meet our future partners. We know it's going to take a lot of meetings, seeing them in different social contexts, and even working through challenges to learn someone's real deal. We want to curate unique on/offline events for you to do that.

🌦 where did you get this idea? Have you ever felt lonely in a room full of people? We feel like meet ups can feel like that with 1. unclear intentions 2. lack of goals 3. undisclosed boundaries. Mingle hosts events that are for 1. building deep connections 2. while having fun 3. in a safe, guided, and intimate space.

πŸ“ how do I join? Anyone can join our events (for now πŸ˜‰) and be a mingler. We will have exclusive members events with more curation, more fun, and more intimacy as the community grows. Apply for our alpha early. We would love to share the community with people who have the value of:

  • Process over outcome

  • Action over words

  • Consistency over intensity

  • Intention over attention

  • Collaboration & celebration over competition

  • Give before taking

πŸ’˜ do I have to be single to join? We're about deepening connections & building intimacy so not always- some events will be open regardless of your relationship status.

πŸ’Œ can I invite people? Of course, we are 100% via word of mouth.


🏠 why a DAO? To answer this, we need to first answer why blockchain. Blockchain allows for information transparency, accessibility, and security -- resulting in a trustless system.

We believe relationships should be that way because who likes ghosting, depressing dates, and contact grave yards? DAOs give its community the power to set the interaction norms & boundaries, guide difficult conversations, and drive the dating experience. We want you to take charge of your intimacy in the form of a DAO.

We'll be allowing our NFT holders to govern the DAO and will form a committee of DAO operators for strategy & execution.

πŸ‘» is mingle dao ployed as a dao onchain at this time? mingle is not yet deployed as a dao on chain yet. A future date is TBD and tied to the launch of the "minglite" membership NFTs.

βœ… why should i attend? we record rsvp, attendance, and individual votes. we also will be dropping gifts in off/online events based on activity-- related to crypto and from our sponsors. your engagement will determine an allowlist for the NFTs.

🀫 what if I want some things to be a secret? Consent, respect, and communication are important to us. If you ask, we will keep your secrets a secret. In the future, the "minglite" NFT holders will govern what is public by default with possibility of personal overrides.

event details

Events are added every last Thursday of the month. RSVP to let us know your availability. Previous attendees get first dibs.

πŸ₯³ what are the events like? Mingle optimizes for fun & intimacy so we host group dates. We want to get to know you deeply while having fun. Events range from 4-20 people so you get to know everyone, but not via speed dates. The events will be gender balanced with a mix of new & existing members. We do anonymous voting at the beginning and at the end. That's all we can say because every event is going to be different.

πŸ’° how much is it? Some events run on DAO donations. Others include food, drinks, and activity and it'll be anywhere from $35 to TBD. The price is dependent on:

  • # of attendees

  • Type of refreshments

  • Type of activity

We'll make sure you're aware & confirmed around costs before attending. Any remaining profits will go into the treasury for future events. We plan on membership "minglite" NFTs soon.

πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ why are the events so hard to get into? Our events are meant to be intimate, which means there is never enough supply for the demand. At the moment, each event attendee's list is curated by the DAO operators based on your dao activity & other event attendee's responses. Signing up quickly helps. Engaging with the community & socials help.

When we launch the "minglite" NFTs, the minglites (NFT holders) can curate who participates in our events and will be able to attend events.

πŸ’˜ can I host events? Hosting is the fastest way to join mingle events if you're having a hard time joining events. Hosts will provide a venue and have the ability to curate attendee's list. DAO operators will help curate the event activity, theme, and other logistics. All we ask is that you give us feedback for future event iteration.

future plans

Our current focus zone is singles in NYC but we have expansion plans into major cities, metaverses, and conferences.

β›“ what chain will the "minglite" NFTs be on? TBD since we're looking for our engineering lead but we want it to be easy to onboard since we have many normies in the community.

🎁 when will the "minglite" NFT drop? We're focused on growing a kind community first. We don't plan to launch too many because we would rather choose steady intimacy than risk scaling too quickly. Launch date is TBD but our telegram group will know the latest first.

πŸŽͺ what's an Events DApp? Events have hosts, registerers, attendees, DAO operators, and more. We want to create a DApp that helps facilitate the communication for an optimized attendee experience.

πŸ’° how do i sponsor mingle? feel free to fill out our interest form or email us